Delta Xyiv is a one-week gathering in Kyiv, Ukraine, for hacking, gaming, design, discussions, art and more — around topics of Decentralization, Free Software, thinking beyond tech, running community infrastructures, living off-the-grid, evolving the Arts of not being governed.

The event is┬áco-organized by the team of Delta Chat (a secure and decentralized messenger over email), with help from local Ukrainian artists, activists and tech enthusiasts. It’s our second event in Kyiv: as a teaser, you can read about our first gathering “Decentralization Unchained“.

The Delta Xyiv week includes many events: user-testing sessions, a feminist workshop to set up independent community-run email servers, hands-on hacking sessions, design workshops, an Unconference, a [crypto]Party, and finally – The Game.

The Game is planned as a big treasure hunt in the heart of Podil district, where two teams will try to accomplish various tasks and communicate about it – from finding dead drops in the city to mapping abandoned buildings, kidnapping a journalist, transferring sensitive documents and much more! This Game will help us test secure and decentralized communications over Delta Chat app in “real-life” conditions.

To know more about various happenings – check out the Program.

Join us and propose your sessions, talks, workshops for our Unconference. Or just drop by at our Basecamp after getting in touch with us.